I'm Haley.  An unemployed dental assistant living in South Korea with my incredibly handsome husband, courtesy of the United States Air Force.  We are expecting our first baby to arrive in June 2011 and we couldn't be more ecstatic about it!

I started getting into cooking and baking when I got married in 2009... mainly because I didn't have a choice unless we wanted to starve or go broke eating out every day.  I inherited some of my Grandma's recipes and cookbooks in 2010, which is when it really became a passion.  I can only hope to be at least half as good as she was in the kitchen!  I love being in my kitchen, even when I accidentally burn a batch of cookies or put too many red pepper flakes in a pasta dish and it's so hot that it's almost impossible to eat (whoops!).  I'd much rather be baking, but I don't mind cooking.  I am blessed with a husband that will at least try anything I put in front of him.  It makes cooking a whole lot more fun!  Everything new I try, I will document here (or at least most of it... I'll leave out the parts where I majorly fail and throw a huge tantrum about it).